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The journal entry follow a specific format and require the student to analyze the text for author's purpose, tone, appeal, and to make a gospel connection.

Each week students will be assigned a critical reading role that they must then create a product for each essay.

Each week a new rhetorical pattern, strategy or skill will be reviewed and discussed.

Students will complete an activity demonstrating their learning of the concepts.

Roles include, Word Warrior, Passage Picker, Illustrator, etc.

They are submitted in a discussion board where students give feedback to each other before revising and submitting them for grading.

At the beginning of each week the theme for the weeks learning will be introduced in a short spiritual thought.

Students will be given a prompt that they need to respond to in a discussion board and respond to at least two others by the end of the week.

Why does the news channel not air a civilian who has only heard stories about the event? If the writers had not actually gone through what they reported, ethos would not be equally served.

Personal experience is one the most important factors in establishing relationships between the speaker, text, and reader in a political writing.


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