6. Write An Essay On Culture And Social Processes

6. Write An Essay On Culture And Social Processes-21
Education also becomes an issue that can be used to mobilize the Chinese community.

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Secret Life Of Bees Essay - 6. Write An Essay On Culture And Social Processes

Look in the Chinese newspapers (if you don't read Mandarin, ask someone who does); attend Chinese events and find out who sponsored them; walk around Chinatown (if there is one in your community or city) and look at the advertisements posted in grocery stores, restaurants, and shops.Since it is difficult and not always appropriate to change someone's culture, how do you then use culture as a positive force to aid community building?The Chinese community is the largest and the fastest growing group among Asian and Pacific Islander populations.We will try to share information about as many groups as we can.While the section may not inform you about the social organization and leadership of groups other than the ones described here, we hope it will help you understand enough about the influence of culture on social organization and leadership to ask the right questions of any group. Culture typically refers to a set of symbols, rituals, values, and beliefs that make one group different from another.In this section, you will learn more about the social organization and leadership of different cultural and ethnic groups.The material covered in this section focuses primarily on African Americans and immigrants for two reasons: As recent immigrant groups integrate into their new society, their social organization and leadership structures transform to become more similar to those of mainstream groups.This is why Chinese parents invest a lot of resources in making sure that their children excel academically.In Chinese communities in America and other countries, it is common to find local associations or formed by members from the same province or village in China and Taiwan.Culture is learned and shared with people who live or lived in the same social environment for a long time.Culture is captured in many, many ways -- in the way members of a group greet and interact with one another, in legends and children's stories, in the way food is prepared and used, in the way people pray, and so on.


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