A Level Biology Coursework Evaluation

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A-level biology is a fantastic subject to have, offering you access to a huge variety of fields in both university courses and careers.

A-level biology is a fantastic, interesting all-round subject and having A-level biology puts you in an extremely good position when you are applying to universities and/or jobs.

Most A-level biology courses require you to have at least grade C or above at GCSE in biology, English and mathematics.

Despite popular belief, biology can be quite numerical so a basic understanding of mathematical principles is beneficial.

A-level biology is one of the more popular subjects to be offered by distance learning online courses.

This is generally due to the original misconception people have of biology before they begin their A-level studies, and as you progress through working life you realise it is an important subject to have.

Having A-level biology can open up a world of opportunities in both university choices and career options.

If you are considering applying to university to study biology, zoology, ecology, animal science, marine biology, life sciences, medicine, environmental science, forensic science or any other subject related to the natural world, then A-level biology is essential, with many other courses preferring biology at either AS or A-level.

There are a variety of experiments that support theory work and the majority of assessment are fully marked by the examination board.

In AS-level biology you are introduced you to the basic principles of biology and this final mark makes up 50% of the final A-level grade.


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