Analysis And Problem Solving

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Ill-defined problems, on the other hand, have a more ambiguous starting and or ending point, such as how to live a happy life.It's something you can still try to solve, but you may not know exactly what the outcome will look like.

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If you're using the trial and error method of problem-solving, then you would just try any random combination of letters and numbers until something works.

Since heuristics are so common, let's talk about a few different ones that work for different types of problems. This heuristic means that we analyze the main problem and break it down into smaller problems.

Then we attack the biggest subproblem in order to reduce the most difference between our current state and the goal state.

You probably didn't do a series of step-by-step arrangements of matches, and the heuristics we've talked about don't quite work.

What probably happened is something called insight, which is that sudden aha moment when the solution just pops into your head.


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