Aqa Coursework Planning Sheet

Aqa Coursework Planning Sheet-21
Your work will be tested for plagiarism and if any is found your work will be rejected, the exam board informed and you will get no marks.You will be required to send both an electronic and a paper version of your final project to your tutor by the 31st March. The paper version must also have a Candidate Record Form, signed and attached.However always bear in mind that your tutor cannot specifically tell you what to write or how to write it, they can only give guidelines which you should try to follow.

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If you believe that you have been unfairly marked then you have between the 2nd and the 10th May to challenge .

Your challenge will be considered by an independent assessor and AQA will be informed if any irregularities are uncovered.

Once you have started writing your essay then the amount of help the tutors can give you is very limited.

Please also note that a discussion on the telephone, even if you have to take notes, is likely to be much more useful than emailing in the planning stages.

We cannot and will not accept any work after this date, please do not assume that there are in which we can relax this deadline.

Do not work to the AQA deadlines, these are different for a reason.The AQA website has a lot of information on what will be needed to gain the best marks in your NEA, these are called “assessment objectives”.They are available for each individual subject and you need to make yourself very familiar with them.Your tutor is not allowed to authenticate your final work unless they have seen at least 4 Tutor-marked assignments, a plan and a draft essay.This is to ensure that they can see that the work has your style and is of your standard.There is also a much longer document on the JCQ website called “Instructions for conducting non-examination assessments” which you might want to look at to see the rules that Oxford Home Schooling and your tutor have to abide by.Your tutor will advise you and try to guide you towards the topics/titles which have the best chance of success, but you have the final choice and if you wish to be more independent then your tutor will still help as much as they can.You need to be aware that the more help the tutor gives you, over and above what is considered normal, the more they have to take this into account in their marking.Please read the “Instructions for Candidates; non-examination assessments” on the JCQ website (JCQ is the body which sets the rules for all exam boards, including AQA).Put your name, candidate number and centre number on each page and use string or a treasury tag to tie your paper sheets together. Your paper will go through three distinct phases Prime Marking – Your tutor will mark your final coursework.Internal Moderation – The Prime mark will be checked and compared to the marking of other Oxford Open Learning tutors by the Head of Department to ensure that all our tutors are marking at the same level.


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