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The KU Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry has a rigorous set of courses designed to develop and strengthen students' skills in aspects of pharmacokinetics and biopharmaceutics, physical/organic chemistry, chemical kinetics and equilibrium phenomena.

The approved proposal should then be forwarded to the Director of Distance Master's Program at the University of Kansas, for review and assignment to a member of the Pharmaceutical Chemistry faculty member (who may approve, reject or require revision of the proposal) who is appropriate to supervise the proposed research.

This process must be completed to earn credit for the initial Master's Thesis hours.

They also choose a mentor at the University of Kansas, typically with the assistance of the director of distance learning.

The mentor will provide overall supervision of the project and monitor the research progress toward a written thesis.

Typically, students conduct research at their place of employment or higher learning.

The research component of the program is a primary focus of the degree, and research activity is expected as soon as a student starts the program.

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