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The club lasted for two years before Boston Red Stockings and Boston Base Ball Club were founded in 1871.

Peverelly wrote: "The game of Base Ball has now become beyond question the leading feature of the out-door sports of the United States ...

This decorative label is an early example of a tobacco company using a generic baseball scene to help sell its product. C., National League team appear in studio poses that were also used on individual baseball cigarette cards.

Catcher Connie Mack (see detail below) later managed the Philadelphia Athletics for fifty years and was elected to the Hall of Fame.

Soldiers from different parts of United States played baseball during the Civil War which led to the adoption of a more unified version of the sport.

The most prominent and popular professional club during the NABBP era was Cincinnati Red Stockings in Ohio.In some of the individual pictures you can see a string suspending the ball. The History of Baseball Americans began playing baseball on informal teams, using local rules, in the early 1800s.The Brooklyn Atlantics dominated early baseball by winning championships in 1861, 1864, and 1865. According to baseball historian Paul Dickson, this photograph is believed to be the first photo of a "softball" (indoor baseball) team. Other than the goat, which was left behind in Key West when the ship was ordered to Cuba, the lone survivor was John Bloomer (upper left).The Atlantics usually crushed their competition, scoring two or three times more runs than their opponents. According to the rules of the National Association of Base Ball Players, athletes could not accept wages to play ball, although gifts and jobs were sometimes offered as a means of compensation. "The Maine Base Ball Club." All blown up at Havana except no. Only minutes before this devastating--and still mysterious--explosion, C. Newton (middle row, second from left) had sounded taps for the crew at the usual time of p.m.Albert Spalding, the baseball executive disagreed and claimed that the sport was founded in America.A commission was set up to settle the matter and after three years, it was concluded that Abner Doubleday invented the sport.However, Knickerbockers Rules were adopted by several teams in New York area and that version of baseball was commonly known as New York Game as opposed to Massachusetts Game, which was used to refer to baseball version played in Boston area.In 1857, Knickerbockers together with other sixteen clubs from New York area established the National Association of Base Ball Players - the 1st association to oversee the growth of the sport and to organize a championship.At the start of the 1865 season, the Atlantics presented opposing teams with framed photographs of the "Champion Nine." The photographer, Scottish-born Charles H. Williamson (1826-1874), opened a daguerreotype studio in Brooklyn in 1851 and worked as a photographer until his death.


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