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by Eric Ries In a world of crazy valuations and excess capital, Ries encourages founders to take a more capital-efficient approach to building a company.Throw away the business plan, innovate faster, and build a sustainable startup.

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by Benjamin Graham As the greatest investment advisor of the twentieth century, Benjamin Graham’s philosophy of “value investing” has withstood the test of time.Lashinsky takes readers on quite a ride as he meticulously details Uber’s meteoric rise — and its jaw-dropping plunge into Ray Dalio Most people hate conflict, but Ray Dalio thrives on it.Thank you to everyone who emailed, tweeted, and even mailed me a real physical book (how did you find me?! Just in case you’re curious, I’m currently reading, “Titan” by Ron Chernow, “Principles” by Ray Dalio, and a dramatic, tell-all book about “The Bachelor.” Now, onto your suggestions: by Ron Chernow John D.Rockefeller has been referred to as “the Jekyll-and-Hyde of American capitalism.” He was a ruthless business magnate while also being a major philanthropist. Adam Lashinsky wrote about Travis Kalanick, one of the most polarizing figures in Silicon Valley.should be required reading for anyone who wants to start their own company.In this bestseller, Gerber dispels the myths about starting a small business and helps readers take their plans from the ideal to the specific.One Term Sheet reader said, “It gets to the heart of why people succeed and most of it is the result of consistent effort.” by Christopher Voss and Tahl Raz As an FBI hostage negotiator, Chris Voss has come face-to-face with all sorts of criminals, including kidnappers, bank robbers, and terrorists.In this book, he teaches negotiation tactics that you can use even if your life depended on it.What better way to learn than from the Oracle himself?by Angela Duckworth Psychologist Angela Duckworth claims success is the result of passion and persistence, not talent and luck.


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    A book proposal serves as a great template for such a plan since initially you are creating a plan that revolves around one book. You don’t need to traditionally publish to use it as your business plan; a book proposal serves as an excellent business plan for an indie publisher as well.…

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    Utures Development Corporation. 4. We’re all busy people, which is why the Small Business Success Library of books is a great way to get your hands on a lot of information, vital to your success, in easy bite-sized pieces. This anthology will give you lots of great, hands-on strategies for running your small business.…

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    Invariably insist upon seeing a business plan before they approve any investment. The business plan, besides being a prerequisite for gaining access to finance, also provides the blueprint for successfully creating and running the new venture. This book describes a business planning process that will support the preparation ofa compelling business plan…

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