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And when your eyes can’t take any more, check out our round up of best movie posters of all time.Jon Hamm is a talented actor, but you’d never be able to tell it from this overly posed movie poster for .We’re sorry if you went temporarily blind after looking at this poster for —and we’re even sorrier to remind you that this movie existed in the first place. It’s like the movie poster equivalent of a used car dealership – the big cheesy grin, the Mc Donald’s-on-acid yellow and red color scheme – it does everything it can to try and get your attention.

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Then you’ve got the lead actor kind of shoved off to the side.

He looks like an interesting fellow, the kind of character the audience might want to follow around on a story—if they could see him at all.

With a little extra time, the designer could have likely found a way to make this work.

Even so, a clever idea should never take the place of clean design aesthetic.

Not only does it make him look like he couldn’t care less about being on the poster, but he’s not even looking at the screen.

The rest of the poster looks great- – Jon Hamm included – but that pose just ruins everything by being so stilted and obviously fake. And that’s what you should take away from this movie poster blunder—always remember that photographs of real human beings should resemble real human beings.Want to see some of the worst print graphic design you’ll ever encounter in your life? Movie studios put so much money into promoting their products that we hold their marketing to a higher standard than practically any other form of print media. As a designer, there’s a lot you can learn simply by looking at what other people have done wrong so that you don’t make the same mistakes. Even a huge, multi-million dollar movie can somehow end up with a poster that looks like it was Photoshopped by a first-year design student.contains a lot of fantasy elements, so you’d expect the movie poster to have some level of whimsy and magic—but this design takes it too far.There’s a barrage of elements competing for your attention, many of which have hidden images inside, like a Russian nesting doll of confusing imagery.So grab some popcorn, take a seat, and get ready for some pain …here are our top examples of the worst movie posters of all time.This movie poster for is everything but subtle with its attempt to make you understand the two main characters and their relationship to one another. ” look is so completely over-the-top ditzy, it’s insulting to women everywhere.No person in their right mind would ever hold a gun that way, and judging from Ashton Kutcher’s “Come on! The way this movie poster portrays the relationship between its male and female stars is like a throwback to the 1950’s—these two could just as well be Lucy and Ricky Ricardo.In this age of rampant movie spoilers, it can be a nice change of pace when the marketing for a movie withholds some of the details so that you can enjoy discovering them for yourself.But that’s not the case when it comes to this poster for the movie .


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