Book Report On The Notebook

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You’ll love this one if you’re an absolutely hopeless romantic who doesn’t care for sense when it comes to love.

The rest of you, you might want to look for something slightly more stronger in terms of writing style and characterization.

But the problem with writing a love story is that there is nothing left to say which hasn’t already been said and the story may end up in a cliché if not written well.

Since there is seldom anything new to write, one can recycle the old plot and give it a fresh twist with their writing style.

They fell in love at first sight and became inseparable until her family moved away.

For the next two years, Noah wrote to Allie regularly but never received a reply.The Notebook didn’t falter on the plot, but it unwittingly failed at the writing style.The whole ‘loss of love, meeting again after many years and falling in love again’ is the kind of story people love to read.He went on with his life, first moving to New Jersey where he worked in a scrapyard, and later went off to fight in Europe during WWII.No matter where he went, the ghost of his whirlwind summer romance with Allie haunted him, making it impossible to have a successful relationship.The movie, I believe is better than the book, because it actually shows their love when they were young and then when they’re adults.The book doesn’t talk much about their teenage love, which I feel could’ve added more spark.Fourteen years later, Noah is living a peaceful existence in North Carolina in an old house that he restored after returning from the war, when who should pull into his driveway, but the woman he's never been able to forget. Her parents didn't really approved of Noah, thinking he wasn't good enough for their daughter.She went off to college and has since become engaged to a man who is more to their liking.An elderly man reads a story to his ailing wife about two star-crossed lovers from years ago.Noah Calhoun and Allie Nelson met at a local carnival in 1932.


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