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This description should basically be an elevator pitch for potential partners and business investors to get excited about what you’re offering and your unique location, philosophy, and approach. Write down particular statistics and characteristics of the neighborhood where you’ll locate your daycare center that make your center uniquely promising.

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As someone who owns eight successful daycares in the Chicago area, I know the strategies and approaches that work when it comes to developing a sound business plan for a daycare center.

A business plan should look about three to five years into the future.

Take an average daycare center in a city that has, say, 100 kids enrolled.

If you’re in a neighborhood that has 2,000 kids you still have room for a few daycare centers to serve demand, assuming around 10 percent to 20 percent of parents will enroll their kids in daycare.

For detailed information on the size of your primary market, there are helpful resources such as this market research guide from the US Small Business Administration. For example, is the median age of your daycare center’s neighborhood quite young or more elderly? Note down how your daycare is going to help these different kinds of parents.

Also, keep in mind other factors: Are you in an area with large amounts of seasonal work where the workforce and population shrinks during winter or grows massively during summer?However, as I mentioned above, you want to leave breathing room of between 20 percent to 40 percent (for things like door swing radius, required baby changing tables, required sinks, future building modifications) so you should actually have a room that’s bigger than 700-square-feet.In noting the lease information on your business plan, aim to negotiate free months of rent with your landlord. Consider agreeing to a longer lease in return for a few months free or a landlord investment in build-outs.Projected enrollment growth and market demand can also be tricky to estimate.From knowing your competition to picking the right place to establish your daycare center, there are a lot of lessons to be learned.You will generally need more square-feet-per-kid the younger they are (i.e. Pro tip: things like the arc of a door’s inward swing and required sinks will eat up square footage, so take them into account.Always leave at least 10 percent breathing room when calculating required square footage for the classroom sizes you want.It serves as a cornerstone of your vision as you move forward.You want to put a lot of thought and solid analysis into your daycare center business plan, because it will more than pay off in the end.First of all, start with a description of your daycare center.You want to review all the different components of your business model. Write about the market and how you’re fulfilling demand.


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