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For example, a business plan for a non-profit might discuss the fit between the business plan and the organization’s mission.Banks are quite concerned about defaults, so a business plan for a bank loan will build a convincing case for the organization’s ability to repay the loan.

For example, a business plan for a non-profit might discuss the fit between the business plan and the organization’s mission.

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An internal business plan will often be developed in conjunction with a balanced scorecard or a list of critical success factors.

This allows success of the plan to be measured using non-financial measures.

Business plans may also target changes in perception and branding by the customer, client, tax-payer, or larger community.

A business plan that has changes in perception and branding as its primary goals is called a marketing plan.

The main peculiarities of the slide will be discussed further, but we can affirm with confidence that this template will help you while preparations for conferences or meetings, attract listeners’ attention while project presentation, and impress company’s executives and your colleges.

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Due to a modern professional design in a combination with a highly-informative content of the template, it is a unique useful tool for every self-respected employee. It is available in 5 color themes and the total number of all slides accounts 500.For-profit business plans typically focus on financial goals.Non-profit and government agency business plans tend to focus on service goals.Internally focused business plans target intermediate goals required to reach the external goals.They may cover the development of a new product, a new service, a new IT system, a restructuring of finance, the refurbishing of a factory or a restructuring of the organization.They typically have detailed information about the organization or team attempting to reach the goals.In the case of for-profit entities, external stakeholders would include investors and customers.It may also contain background information about the organization or team attempting to reach those goals.The business goals being attempted may be for-profit or non-profit.External stake-holders of non-profits include donors and the clients of the non-profit's services.In the case of government agencies, external stakeholders would include tax-payers, higher-level government agencies, and international lending bodies such as the IMF, the world bank, various economic agencies of the UN, and development banks.


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