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Nothing on this page creates an attorney client relationship and is not legal advice.If you want professional information, please consult your own attorney.A) Goals Explain the end-result you seek from the business venture. B) Objectives Explain the steps you will take to reach your goal.

Nothing on this page creates an attorney client relationship and is not legal advice.If you want professional information, please consult your own attorney.A) Goals Explain the end-result you seek from the business venture. B) Objectives Explain the steps you will take to reach your goal.

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C) Customers Your target audience has to be well-defined. Answer why your business is different from the rest of the competition. The best tip we’ve got is: investors love a top-notch team. Whatever the case may be, you’ll want to explain it to your prospect. Products and Services This section is extremely important to a successful Business Plan.

Here you need to explain exactly who your customer is. F) Status of Ownership Here you want to tell your prospective investors the legal status of your company. This is where you describe what it is that you have to offer the world.

You should define your customer as specifically as possible. How about the 18 -24 year old music consumers, as an example? Panda Tip: There are actually two main parts of the Products and Services section.

Describe them to the finest level of detail possible. Be sure to include: The Products/Services you offer are the core of your business.

Here, you’ll want to describe the various resources, personnel, and real estate involved in the execution of your business activities.

Here are some of the things you will want to include in the Operations Plan section: [LOCATION] [LOGISTICS] [LEGALITIES] [PERSONNEL] [INVENTORY] [SUPPLY CHAIN] [ACCOUNTS PAYABLE/RECEIVABLE] Panda Tip: The Operations Plan section should leave your readers with the feeling that you’ve thought of everything. Management Organization In this section, detail the management structure inside your organization.Put the research, market analyses, and industry knowledge that you possess to work in this section.You are illustrating to your recipient that you know your audience better than anyone, and that makes yours the ideal business to serve the audience.Panda Tip: The Executive Summary is all about gaining interest, so that your recipient will keep reading. Business Description This next section gives all the must-have details about your business. ” This is the place for your “origin story.” This section should be just as well-written as the Executive Summary, of course. This is where you tell them where you’re coming from, before you get to “why” you’re in need of an investment, in a nutshell. Mission Statement The Mission Statement section of your Business Plan expands on some of what you talked about in the Executive Summary.Here you are looking to answer questions like “when did you start? Here are the major points you will want to make in the Mission Statement.Panda Tip: Check and recheck this section – it’s a biggie! Marketing Plan The Marketing Plan is one of the most essential parts of your Business Plan; marketing is the thing that brings your business to its audience.The first thing to do in the Marketing Plan section is to prove that you know your target audience.You really can’t afford to omit anything relevant here.Your prospective investor will surely want to know what you have to offer, and they’ll want to know enough about those things to be able to believe in them. Executive Summary [BUSINESS NAME] [ADDRESS] [PHONE] The Executive Summary is where you explain the general idea behind your company; it’s where you give the reader (most likely an investor, or someone else you need on board) a clear indication of why you’ve sent this Business Plan to them.This is a souped-up “elevator pitch,” a couple of pages that summarizes what your business is all about.


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