Celta Language Analysis Assignment

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Form   1 Time adverb that provides information about the time of an action or event in relation to some other point of time (often now).

LANGUAGE RELATED TASKS Grammar item 1: …but sooner or later we have to sleep. Meaning   Form     To delay doing something, especially because you do not want to do it2 CCQs: Do you want to sleep now? Solution: Students read a text with lots of phrasal verbs, request them to identify and mark them.

The negative form expresses an absence of obligation. Anticipated problems and solutions  Problem: Eventually is a false friend with the Spanish word “eventualmente” (de forma incierta) which in English should be translated as by chance, occasionally. Request examples using both expressions from students and ask them to think and explain difference in meaning.

The structure of the have to form is Subject Have Infinitive (with to). 2 Pronunciation /ɪˈventʃuəli/ ……suffer hallucinations, and eventually die.

I would then go through some concept questions to | |check they have understood the meaning.

Finally I would ask them to come up with their own examples and go through them in the | |class. Discuss the kind of problems you anticipate that the item could cause with regard to form, meaning & phonology for learners of| |English and suggest some solutions to these problems.Meaning  In this sentence have to sleep is used to express the idea that we are obliged to sleep even if we don’t wish to do so. Check meaning and then provide fill-in-gap practice. The negative form expresses an absence of obligation. Lexis item 2: We can put off sleeping for a limited period.  Problem: Students leave out or use the wrong particle.Included in this post are the following points with comments and explanations: After reading this article, you should have a clear idea of how best to answer the points in this assignment.Please refer to your centre or tutors in case of any doubts about the points made in this article if they are different to what you have been told on your course. The structure of the have to form is Subject Have Infinitive (with to). 2 3 Anticipated problems and solutions  Problem: Students confuse the correct meaning of the two word verb with the sum of the individual meaning of each of the words i.e. Solution: Use put off in context, CCQs and personalise by requesting examples from students. It is interchangeable with have got to, this last form being more common in spoken and informal British English. Personalise with students’ examples: What do you usually put off? Pronunciation /pʊtɒf/ We can put off sleeping for a limited period.If the second submission is not satisfactory you will be awarded a fail grade.More than one fail grade will mean that you cannot pass the written component of the course and it is essential to pass this in order to pass the CELTA course itself.This post intends to give an overview of CELTA assignment 2 and what is expected.It uses a generic example to work through answers so please be aware that not all centres would give exactly the same question but there should be many similarities.


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