Changing Header Image Thesis

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Check again to double confirm that the Nav menu of your new Front Page template is located below the header like how you preferred it to be.

Next, you would need to have your static page which is used as homepage to display using the Frontpage template.

Thesis Header Image in the admin area, upload the logo and click on Check out your site to see the logo in action.

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Here I am going to explain how to change header image in thesis.

But have you ever given it a thought that adding a header image can affect the SEO of your website.

Now, when someone clicks it they are sent to the homepage.

To illustrate, let me show you one of my blogs where the top navigation menu stubbornly stuck at the top (I have changed the layout of the blog now): While top menu for the other pages have moved downwards: Previously I had encountered this problem but did not know how to solve it. This happens to users who set for their homepage to display a static page instead of latest posts.

It may be obvious to others but I couldn’t figure out at first why my header was only showing up on my homepage and not my other pages or individual posts.

The problem is I can’t find in wp-admin where to change the image in the custom template to the one already uploaded. i am telling you the simple way another solution is change the image name from the css file.


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