Cloud Computing Dissertation

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The risks include spoofing, back-door attacks, social engineering, dumpster diving and Trojan horses and malware (Yuusuf & Tubb 2013).

These risks majorly compromise privacy with the current cloud services risking exposure of data in an encrypted form to a machine operated by an organisation different from the data owner.

Security Risk and Cloud Computing While building safe and protected IT systems, organizations typically have to face a lot of customary security and privacy management issues and challenges on the other hand in case of cloud computing there is an additional extent of menace dues to the fact that in cloud computing environment necessary services are frequently subcontracted to a 3rd party......?

Full Paper Introduction Cloud computing is considered to be a value driven technology, as it saves cost along with advanced virtualization of business functions that is globally accessible.

Research Rationale There is very little evidence of any empirical research undertaken to gauge the performance of cloud computing services in organizations or to assess the satisfaction levels or expectations of the end users.

There is however a plethora of information available on the various platforms and modes of cloud computing and their associated advantages and disadvantages ((Rochwergeret al, 2009; Reese, 2009; Armbrust et al, 2009; Rhoton, 2009; and Sosinsky, 2011).ID # Cloud Computing Security Cloud computing is an attractive information technology (IT) trend which ensures the implementation of the utility computing model broadly using Virtualization technologies.Keeping in mind the numerous advantages of cloud computing, an increasing number of business organizations have begun offering and making use of cloud-enabled architectures and services to support their business operations.The immense potential offered by cloud computing is acknowledged across the industry, and yet, there is hesitation in its rapid adoption by many organizations (Armbrust et al, 2010).This is because the rapid growth in the technology is also accompanied by growing con-cerns about security related issues.Security Concerns Cloud computing is a relatively new form of technology.It thus presents uncertainty on security at all its levels of interaction including the host, network, data and application levels (Zargari & Smith......It allows the users to deploy services on demand using a network of pooled resources and hence helps the user in using the service as and when needed.The concept behind cloud computing is truly revolutionary as it allows small organizations to scale up their operations to high proportions without buying hardware and software and without hiring a fleet of IT experts.Cloud computing, being an innovative method of using applications and hardware, has to face various implementation issues as it requires a shift in perceptions about work ethics, organizational culture and technical skills needed by the end users.Moreover, there have been several incidences where cloud technology has found itself defenseless in front of hacking attacks like the one against Gmail and the Sony Play Station gaming network (Paul, 2011) The reasons for the security vulnerabilities are varied ranging from the inherent vulnerabilities in the core technologies to the network vulnerabilities (Armbrust et al, 2009).


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