Creating Problem Solving

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I’m not talking about creative artist or creativity as art or even creative writing, I’m talking about creative practical problem-solving.

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A lot of people want a "quick fix" or "on/off switch" for creativity; while this course will provide you with techniques that you can start using quickly, I do not believe that this course will provide an instant fix or you will become a genius overnight.

But I promise you that you will find your brain working differently and you will find numerous ideas when you practically apply the techniques.

Well, the dream it technique never worked for me (I never take a nap nor I can remember my dreams) and for me, I need techniques that are practical and systematic and can be done in the same way over and over again for any problem to find unique practical creative ideas.

Dream it is not in my list of practical creativity Techniques.

Employers don’t simply want to hire creative people because they are impressive.

They want creative employees who will help them solve work-related issues.

With that said, this course won't tell you everything you need to know about creativity or creative thinking.

But it will tell you some useful practical methods to solve problems.

Therefore, when applying for jobs, highlight your ability not only to think creatively, but to use your creativity to solve an important issue.

You need creativity even more if you are a blogger, a freelancer or a startup or even an entrepreneur because creativity is the only unique power that will make you stand out in the noisy crowded business space.


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