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My parents determined and set goals for educational accomplishments to develop values and support my belief about my abilities and intelligence.School has always remained a place of freedom for me where I enjoyed different activities set by the teachers.I was made to understand that risks are always there in the life, whether at school or outside world, but we have to be prepare to tackle them as rewards are attached to risks.

In other words I have a set of alternatives offering me distinctive solutions to tackle a situation.

I can ignore or take safety precautions by thinking different alternatives.

The safety precautions should be taken as demanded by the situation.

It is pertinent to mention that efforts should be made to minimize the risk as much as it is possible even in minor affairs during routine life.

This, in fact, is a demanding situation in life as I have no idea of what it would be.

In this regard, goals set by parents to accomplish along with necessary freedom at school supported me to a huge extent.These activities had helped build my vision how to tackle different scenarios and how different alternatives can be created and best chosen in a given situation.I was provided with huge opportunities during my school life.These activities were designed to improve my skills, develop my vision, and prepare for the future life.I was always encouraged to enjoy freedom despite certain fears that I had.My parents provided me a favorable environment supporting my dreams and their inspirations.I believe that parents and teachers are the people who form dreams for future to help a young person and develop confidence that he/she can fulfill dreams.Risk aggravates and increases different types of responses for which a person should make a decision whether to take risk or be cautious.Life experiences have taught me to respond to a situation in different ways.I could minimize the risk by taking every possible precaution and weighing pros and cons of the action to be taken.I have the option to rely on other people's experience or on my own understanding.


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