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Since its formation in 1950, AICA has been committed to elevating the values of art criticism as a discipline, and acting on behalf of the physical and moral defense of works of art.

Join now AICA supports arts writers around the world through public programs and membership that offers free access to museums across the globe.

The text that the critical essay is about should be clearly identified very early—typically in the first paragraph.

Shortly following, it should present a specific thesis about that text.

AICA-USA represents the largest national section of AICA International with over 450 distinguished critics, curators, scholars, and art historians working throughout the United States.

As part of the international organization, we benefit from a global reach in presence.AICA-USA is intent on international communication, elevating the values of art criticism as a discipline, and acting on behalf of the physical and moral defense of works of art.AICA's membership card is recognized for entrance to museums around the world.Critical essays are common assignments in college courses because so many college courses require learners to read and engage with the work of scholars.Critical essays are especially common in courses that are based in the interpretation of texts, such as literature, philosophy, and theology.Criticism essays are completed in much the same way that any report is completed.The primary difference between a criticism essay and a general report is that the research used in a criticism essay is used to critique the subject.Therefore, the writer should assume that his/her reader is familiar with the text in question and should present only a brief sketch of the plot or main points of the text.Finally, because a critical essay is text-focused, it must include a multitude of references to and quotes from the text.A critical essay is very similar to an analysis essay because it presents a claim about a topic in a thorough and academic way; however, while critical essays can be considered analysis essays, not all analysis essays are critical.This is because an analysis essay can be about a number of topics, and a critical essay always takes a text as its subject.


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