Critical Thinking Activities For Middle School

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You can repeat the exercise with other questions, such as "Are you a bat or a ball? " This activity puts a student's analytical skills to the test. Then ask your students to write a list of all the words they can think of that use only letters in that word.

For example, if the word is "tomatoes," their words could include "too," "toes" and "same." Have students repeat the exercise with a different word, but while working in groups of two or three instead of individually.

By answering this question, your students identify some of their own personal characteristics and investigate the nature of those characteristics.

A major aspect of critical thinking is considering opposing viewpoints, and this activity will require your students to do so. Assign each student to write a two-minute speech that argues for the opponent's side of the debate.

Then, one by one, ask each student to explain why he made his choice.

By answering this question, your students are forced to make definitive choices and examine the qualities that support their decisions.

Students tend to come up with more answers to the problem when they're working collaboratively.

The group portion of this activity can encourage students to observe and adopt critical thinking skills displayed by their peers. " Give your students five minutes to write a list of at least five ways they are similar to a peanut.

Here are seven resources that will easily add critical thinking to your lesson plans.

The Critical Thinking Community is a resource site designed to encourage critical thinking in students.


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