Critical Thinking Curriculum For Lence

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Critical thinking involves logic as well as creativity.

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Another is to create learners who have the appetite the appetite to think analytically and critically, to use what they know to enhance their own lives and also to contribute to their society, culture and civilization.

These two aims for education as a vehicle to promote critical thinking are based on certain assumptions.

by Terry Heick As a culture, we have a thought crisis–namely, a harmful and enduring refusal and/or inability to think well and think critically.

This is just an opinion but I hope not a radical one.

If you disagree that such a crisis exists, the rest of this article will likely not be worth your time.

If we can assume that statement to be at least partly true though, we can see that as an industry, then, we have a crisis in education that is both a cause and effect of the above. Education and thought, at least conceptually, are as connected as the architecture of a building and the building itself.


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