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It is non-instinctive but rests on a biological base of: binocular, stereoscopic, color, vision/ habitual, upright bipedal locomotion/ generalized forelimb with opposable thumb and the symbolic capacity of (750-950cc).It is transmitted through language is cumulative and embracing both artifacts and attitudes is human kinds chief adaptive mechanism.This allows different societies to adopt customs, beliefs, language and even a way of dressing from each other through acculturation.

Five major ways that humans learn their culture are through child raising practices or how they think the child should be raised in the particular environment, Imitation or role modeling when a child pretends to be someone the would like to be if they were grown up, learning from friends in peer group play, oral traditions which may be from stories past on, and rights, rituals and ceremonies for example weddings.

The third part of culture is manifest by a group or the shared behaviors of a group.

A human has the ability to pass on knowledge through their specific language and this allows for a greater transfer of information over a smaller period of time.

This is how they will pass on customs and beliefs too.

In humans, culture must be learned through enculturation and also some traits can be taken from acculturation, these are both mostly picked up from elders.

The reason for this is because culture is not instinctive like in animals or in other words they are not born with it.

An example using the Yanomamo would be how they all dress the same wearing pretty much nothing and eat the same types of food like plantains.

This is then carried on generation after generation through their process of enculturation.

One last example could be how people all over the world adopt the dressing styles from each other with well known designers like Tommy Hilfiger or Giorgio Armani.

The fifth part of the definition of culture would be how it rests on a biological base.


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