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When forests are leveled by cutting down all the trees and plants in a big way it is known as deforestation.Forests help maintain the ecological balance of our environment.My sons’ memories don’t extend back to a time without the tree—it’s always been there, like a wise old aunt who sits silently in the background of family events.

From 1990 to 2000 closed forests lost a lot of land.

The closed forests worldwide lost 34.8 million hectares and other land cover lost 21.6 million hectares.

The rapid growth comes from people trying to seek land to colonize for it’s farming, or by agricultural entrepreneurs trying to make commercial operations (Marcoux).

After the change from closed forest to open forest farmers took another 9 million hectares.

The main reason for this was for fuel wood exploitation, grazing and related fire practices, and selective farming (Marcoux).

Yet it stands stock straight, a proud grey obelisk with branches sticking out emphatically, thick and defiant at the bottom, frail toward the top.Although the environment is crucial for mans survival, man has been destroying it since the beginning of time.Man has been destroying trees for the use of wood for centuries.From the ancient times forests have been cut down for shelter, wood, fuel, food and practically for every other need.In modern times it is done to fulfill man’s personal need or greed and also for industrial development.Scientists themselves are just beginning to This is just as damaging to a forest as cutting down individual trees (NASA Facts).It is so damaging because to get the machinery into a forest they must cut down trees to form a pathway.The Easter Bunny has hung glittering foiled chocolates from its lowest branches.The boys have duct-taped bullseyes to its trunk for archery practice.The total landmass of this loss of forests is comparable to the size of France (Marcoux).Most of this land was lost due to permanent agriculture and pastures.


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