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There are many antidepressant drugs and there are some other treatments such as psychotherapy and electroconvulsive therapy (in easy words, shock therapy).Many people, especially young people today believes that they are going through many series of depression although they can not really identify what depression is.A lot of people say that depression is a temporary feeling of sadness.There even was an incident when an infant died due to limited human contacts.Anyway, Teenagers through puberty is famous for being moody.The first factor could be environmental factor, and that consists difficult relationships, losses, and financial problems. People with this quality are often the people who suffered a stressful life during their young life. Many people didn’t really trust on this, however, it is likely that you have high chance of suffering clinic depression if your family member from past generation already suffered it. Scientists believe that some people have more and different brain chemicals compared to others.Many of the scientists believe that those who are mainly depressed in terms of biochemical ways are the ones who have less brain chemicals.Anyway, the treatments for most of the clinic depression are out.Some treatments however, are quite irregular, such as the shock therapy.There are many researches stating that there is a difference in between sexes.Some researches found that depression is common among women, while some researches discovered that males are in higher risk of getting depression due to their stress in work, and die easily.


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