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Another relevant model to be tested during the study constitutes Relationship Model of customer relationship management proposed by Peppers and Rogers (2011). (2008) “Retail Management” John Wiley & Sons Brink, A. (2009) “Relationship Marketing and Customer Relationship Management” Juta Publications Goldenberg, B. (2008) “CRM in Real Time: Empowering Customer Relationships” Information Today, Inc. (2011) “Retail Analytics: The Secret Weapon” John Wiley & Sons Khurana, M.

Specifically, the model advocates adopting a pro-active approach in sustaining customer relationships and proposes a set of specific principles that would assist to accomplish this task. (2010) “Information Technology for Retailing” Tata Mc Graw-Hill Education Lamb, C.

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Employees of a company always reflect a company’s image and the management of a company.

In order to have a good image reflection of a company from consumers, employees should have a positive attitude towards consumers and practice to be efficient on treating consumers well.

“A model of service quality called the gap model identifies five gaps that can cause problems in service delivery and influence customer evaluations of service quality” (Lamb et al, 2011, p.189).

These five gaps are a) the gap between customer wants and the management perceptions about customer wants; b) the gap between the management perceptions about customer wants and the specifications of service developed; c) the gap between the service specifications and the actual service provided; d) the gap between the quality of service promised and the quality of service provided, and e) the gap between expected service and perceived service on behalf of customer. (2011) “Marketing: Student Edition” Cengage Learning Mathur, U.

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Customer relationship management has been defined as “a business approach that integrates people, processes, and technology to maximise relationships with customers” Goldenberg (2008, p.3).


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