Dissertation Research Approach

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Research approach is a plan and procedure that consists of the steps of broad assumptions to detailed method of data collection, analysis and interpretation.

It is therefore, based on the nature of the research problem being addressed.

The deductive approach of analysis or reasoning consists of­ the following steps: However, it appears that choosing one research approach over another severely limits the scope of the study.

As Creswell & Clark (2011) observed, one approach alone cannot answer all the questions that might emerge in the course of researching a topic.

Inferential statistics are based on the descriptive statistics and the assumptions that generalise the population from a selected sample (Trochim 2000).

Quantitative data requires statistical analysis to test hypotheses.It places great emphasis on the methods used to collect or generate data.However, it places less emphasis on the analytical techniques to interpretation of data.This can also be used to examine the effects of those experiences, events and realities operating within society.Quantitative research often translates into the use of statistical analysis to make the connection between what is known and what can be learned by research.Furthermore Inductive approach primarily uses detailed reading of secondary data to derive concepts, themes, and models.Therefore, it is widely used for analysing qualitative data.This begins from selection of the area of study and builds a theory.The inductive approach includes: Choosing an inductive approach through thematic analysis (a ‘data driven’ approach) for the study determines that the objective of the study is to obtain an understanding of a phenomenon. Thematic analysis can either realistically present experiences, meaning and the reality of participants.We assure a plagiarism free work with attention to every detail of your dissertation.We take utmost priority to adhere to guidelines and give rational judgement in the paper.


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