Drunk Driving Solution Essay

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I cannot control the actions of those around me nor can I make them understand the selfish nature of their choice to drink irresponsibly. I do not believe any one person is too insignificant or too powerless to make a difference.The positive, responsible actions and choices of each individual contribute to the wellbeing of their community in ways far greater than they may ever understand.While I wish all students would act responsibly and understand how truly selfish it is so drive when drunk, I understand that this is not reality.

Every time I hear him say these words, I can’t help but imagine the things he must have seen throughout his many years of teaching. I do not know the story behind his plea (or if there is one at all), but I do know his efforts stem from a sincere concern for his students’ safety and wellbeing.

Has he had to deal with the loss of students due to drunk driving? As a professor, he desires success for his students above all else.

If I were to choose not to act responsibly when drinking, I would be turning my back on the sacrifices my loved ones have made for me.

Unfortunately, I do not have a surefire solution to prevent drunk driving.

The approaching car was on my right, slowing for the stop sign ahead.

Drunk Driving Solution Essay

I started across but midway I realized the driver’s attention had drifted and her car was regaining speed, veering my way.

Like many pedestrians, I’ve learned to treat Los Angeles streets as an obstacle course of distracted drivers. 1: Make sure a vehicle is stopped or braking before stepping off the curb.

But even that didn’t save me at a corner near my West Hollywood home.

As his students, we have learned how to think critically in the classroom and are well aware of how our academic choices can alter our futures.

I imagine this is his small way of encouraging his students to think critically outside of the classroom as well and understand that those choices are just as important.


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