Easy Environmental Science Essay Topics

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Although paint and gasoline sold today no longer contain lead, soil can have contamination from older sources of lead, such as paint from old…

The environment has been a hot button issue for over the last half century.

In this science fair project you will learn about biomes and how different…

Read more Did you know that when you use fertilizer in your garden, it can eventually reach a lake, stream, or pond?

As long as we are aware of the impact, we can do things as individuals, and working together as groups, to lessen the detrimental impact of billions of people.

With our list of environmental science fair project you can explore and understand important topics like air quality, water quality, the effects of climate change, and many others so that you can make informed decisions about caring for our planet.

Read more Smog days are often posted in your local newspaper. Learn how to catch them by making a Berlese funnel in this fun project that will teach you about soil.

Check how many smog days your city has had in the last year. You can also take pictures of your city landscape on high and low smog days. Read more Have you ever looked around and noticed the plants and animals that grow in your neighborhood?

In this experiment you can discover how maps can be used to show how different animals are distributed in a local environment.

Read more Even though many cities have recycling programs, a lot of trash still ends up in the dump.


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