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These were societies in which women were not subordinate to men and earth was not seen as an object for exploitation and domination.“The rediscovery of these traditions signals a way out of our alienation from one another and from nature.” Many women with careers in public policy, technology, science and environmental studies already had a connection to feminism; they were particularly interested in career-blocking issues and began to shift their focus toward ecofeminism, which gave their work new meaning.The Empirical: Reproductive and Child Concerns In addition to the social abuse and stratification women suffer under patriarchy, as sustainers/creators for/of new life and generally thought to be natural nurturers, women are more susceptible to biological problems accompanying a polluted environment.

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This implies that men have innate power over both women and nature.

The second major theme, interconnectedness, proposes that every organism on earth, as well as inorganic matter and entire environments, serve a larger purpose, as all forms of matter are connected by complex webs belonging to a reciprocal system: Ecofeminists understand human beings as not being separate from or above nature.

They are one small part of a whole, rather than the pinnacle of nature. Examples of Ecofeminist Perspectives Given that the subjugation of women and nature is a social construct, not a biological determinant, these relationships have the potential to change. With burgeoning environmental destruction and historically oppressive power structures, it is important to examine closely alternative solutions to the woes of our communities, land and the earth itself.

But we see those efforts as bandages on a very unhealthy system.

Feminists exposed to Marxist theories rejected the assertion of classical dominance theories – which posit that domination is based solely on class and money – and pointed out the inadequacies of such theories that ignore both nature and women.


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