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Overall, IB Business is recommended for students who are not aiming for Mathematical and Economics related subjects.The concepts are not difficult to understand, and the knowledge is highly practical regardless of your future career.

In essence, not only do you need to learn the definitions, graphs, and associated theories, you need to practice your own technique.

This applies for your internal assessment, in class quizzes and tests (if your teacher assigns them to you) and especially the final exams.

…but were afraid to ask and/or simply haven’t been told.

People, we are talking about 20% of your total IB grade in economics here.

Did I mention that you should read the rules and IB marking criteria? As for methodology in terms of handing-in and getting feedback, that is left to your school, IB coordinator and teacher.

I have written about this in the Teacher Blog for Economics here on the OSC website.

Students tend to build their knowledge in IB Business more efficiently than in IB Economics, as much of the information actually revolves around daily living, allowing students to draw comparisons.

IB Business focuses more on analysis, writing style, and case studies.

Now you are in search of something to which you can apply these tools…so, get on the keyboard and do a search containing an adequate search string.

For example, there has been a lot of debate about the fact that the latest WTO round (the “Doha Round”) has basically stranded due to massive resistance in many OECD countries for the lowering of subsidies.


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