Educating Rita Belonging Essay

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There are numerous shelves of books, hidden bottles of alcohol, an "erotic" painting, a big bay window, stacks of papers, etc.

The office is very clearly associated with Frank: it is Rita herself is a potent image: bright, bubbly, swirling about the room in a mass of energy. The painting is easily conjured in one's mind after the conversation between Rita and Frank.

- returning from summer school - new selfconfidence - new clothes, own style - very educated now - first insider talk is possible - hes very surprised that she already knows Blake - Frank has problems with Julia - only step back, voice - doesnt depent on Frank anymore - flatmate Trish, overwhelmed (überwältigt) - talked to other students - changed her job( bistro - understands now literary criticism - at the end of course, reads Franks poems --great - F.

dont want to teach her anymore, too good, cant bear(ertragen) that she is educated now - changed her name into Susan - passes the exams, great teacher, now she had the choice - doesnt admire (bewundern; verehren) Trish that much any more (cool-suicide) - educated, exited, confident, full of news, given up smoking - Frank not that positive: Has two take to years of holiday (sacked( entließ) from school) - left by Julia - going to Australia - gives her a present.

The symbolism shows Rita’s struggle to open the door for change, her future and her new found confidence.

Another form of symbolism is the window in Frank’s room.One can picture her in slightly tasteless clothing, perhaps with bold makeup on. The reader can picture a languid, reclining nude in classical Baroque or Renaissance tradition, and can then imagine the degree to which it is "erotic." This is an important image: Rita in a working-class pub, surrounded by her husband and mother and their friends, singling sadly along to anodyne songs and watching her mother break out into tears.One can picture the fraught emotions Rita is experiencing as she feels acutely the sense of not belonging anywhere.- dialogue, reason that there are not many stage directions, always very short - first character Rita - working class girl - 26 years old, married with her husband Denny - roles woman-man---- typical, left school early, got married, is working as a hairdresser now - so to say old-fashioned, living in a world of old-fashioned ideals - funny, charming, spontaneous, natural charecteristics - moreover talking a lot, impulsive, says what she thinks - from Liverpool -- setting, it takes place in Liverpool - Liverpool economical centre, west coast of England - important harbours - much industry, industrial centre-----consequence-working class is dominating, many workers - Rita = typical example of a girl/woman in Liverpool - most people there not very rich, (not very educated) - Rita recognizes that something in her life is missing - wants to change her life - get out of the roles - there must be something more than the superficial things the people in the hairdressers are talking about - surches for a solution - wants to be educated, become a completely new person - improve quality of her life, find herself, self-enlightment, find her real identity, diversify (verändern; Abwechslung bringen) the meaning of her life - has changed her name into Rita (sounds better, Rita Mae Brown) - leads her to the Open University - special institution, giving adults the chance to get education - his/her (social) background is unimportant - teaching methods are different to normal universities - made for people who want to study at home, without giving up their jobs - learning with textbooks, notes on the radio/ TV, records, cassettes - open for everyone (live in UK, over 21) - dont need any qualification like A-Levels---starting at your level of knowledge, until your able to qualify for the universitys BA degree - degrees are equal to those of normal universities - better chances of career - offers about 140 different courses - more than 80,000 men/women are studying there per year - have to have the will to learn, because have to do everything on your own - Rita has will to learn - get into O. - story starts - get to know Frank---her tutor - Frank almost opposite of Rita - in the fifties - drinking problems - is/was a poet, wrote poetry once - works now at the O.U to earn money - lives together with an ex-student Julia - is unhappy, boring type - educated, but it didnt lead him to happiness Folie Tafelbild 1?cross the border and into the city…’ she to change and not turn out to become neither her mother nor her father when she grew up.The consequence of Rita wanting to become an educated woman puts a strain on both her and Denny’s relationship. to take life away from me; he wants me to stop rockin’ the coffin’.‘For better or for worse, moving into the world requires change’ How are the consequences of these changes represented in your prescribed text and one other text?Individuals face both negative and positive consequences, physical and psychological.Dress for an educated woman, Annerkennung - give back: cuts his hair The story about Rita and her development is directly connected to the life of the author of this drama Willy Russell.Its not just a story created by the author, but it has a lot of parallels to his real life.


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