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She also frames the issue in some unusual and provocative ways that could end up hurting her with feminists or, more optimistically, broadening her political appeal to reach swaths of working-class America that are open to a progressive economic agenda but more inclined toward traditional views on family life.Warren’s area of academic specialty was bankruptcy law (a later Warren book carried the scintillating title ), and in that field, she was a leading figure in one side of a long-running dispute between two main points of view.In November, top Iowa Republicans like Senator Charles E. King for re-election even after one House Republican official came out and denounced him as a white supremacist.]But in an interview with The Times published last week, Mr. “That is not the party of Lincoln and it’s definitely not American.”Mr. King for an hour before the vote, did not say why the most recent comments were a breaking point given Mr. “Maybe I did not see those, but I disagree with these.”The full Republican conference must still technically ratify the leader’s decision, but Mr. He said he had been referring only to “western civilization” when he asked “how did that language become offensive,” not “white nationalist” or “white supremacist.”“Leader Mc Carthy’s decision to remove me from committees is a political decision that ignores the truth,” he said. Mc Carthy, “You have to do what you have to do and I will do what I have to do.” He pledged to continue to “point out the truth” and serve his district for “at least the next two years.”The push to condemn Mr. Representative Steve King championed anti-immigration views years before President Trump made them a focal point of his administration. Mc Carthy called a special meeting of the Republican Steering Committee to remove Mr. King, the party also came in for criticism from the Senate’s lone black Republican, Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina. “You could look over there and think the Democratic Party is no country for white men,” he said. King’s hard-line immigration policies and demeaning comments about Hispanics foreshadowed Mr.

She also frames the issue in some unusual and provocative ways that could end up hurting her with feminists or, more optimistically, broadening her political appeal to reach swaths of working-class America that are open to a progressive economic agenda but more inclined toward traditional views on family life.

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”Speaking to reporters on Monday night after the House Republican leadership team acted, Representative Kevin Mc Carthy of California, the minority leader, said he was not ruling out supporting a censure or reprimand resolution against Mr. King recalled in the Times article, which traced how the Iowa congressman helped write the playbook for white identity politics that dominate the Republican Party under Mr. He has already drawn one serious primary opponent, state senator Randy Feenstra, for the 2020 campaign and some high-profile Republicans have indicated they will not embrace his re-election.“It does open the door for other individuals to take a look,” Gov. Reynolds said she was staying out of the primary “right now,” but multiple Iowa Republicans said the state’s senior elected officials were unlikely to endorse Mr. King, who has fended off primaries before but did so with the support of his party and its top leaders. Reynolds’s criticism, Iowa Republican chair Jeff Kaufmann said the state party would “remain neutral” in Mr. King a co-chairman of his 2016 presidential campaign, all rebuked Mr. All had eagerly embraced him in the past because of his standing with the state’s most conservative voters — keys to winning statewide elections in Iowa, which holds the first-in-the-nation presidential nominating contest. King as a white supremacist.“Iowa needs Steve King in Congress,” Mr. King at a rally in his district the Monday before Election Day last year, after he had endorsed a Toronto mayoral candidate with neo-Nazi ties.

Kim Reynolds of Iowa said in a television interview last week of Mr. King again and would wait until there is more clarity in the primary field before rallying to one of his G.

King made to The New York Times questioning why white supremacy is considered offensive. King was denounced by an array of Republican leaders, though not President Trump. does not get involved in primaries and isn’t going to comment on a hypothetical general election two years away,” said Chris Pack, a spokesman for the House campaign arm.

The Senate majority leader, Mitch Mc Connell, suggested Mr. King stood in stark contrast to the lawmakers’ willingness to tolerate President Trump’s frequent offensive and insensitive remarks about migrants, black people, Native Americans and other minorities. Democrats are moving to censure or reprimand the Iowa congressman, a stinging penalty.

It’s an important read as the 2020 campaign begins because it offers unvarnished insight into the evolution of Warren’s thinking as she moved from being a Republican in the mid-1990s to the left-wing Democrat we know today.

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The policy ideas she espoused 15 years ago are considerably smaller-scale than the platform she’s developed over the past decade, but the diagnosis that's led her to her current positions are all right there in the book — a book that argues that the fundamental structure of the American economy has shifted in a way that loads the dice against middle-class families.

The questions that were randomly chosen were all from women, except for one from a man.

Friday was the first of four cities in Iowa that Warren plans to visit this weekend.

BOSTON (CBS) – Senator Elizabeth Warren is in Iowa this weekend.

Her first speech was in the western part of the state where she sounded like she was on the campaign trail.


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