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DS (just started yr 10) has come home from school today saying they will now be doing an English exam board that is 30% coursework. He says teacher is going to email out some more information as they have just changed to this but always nice to get some ideas / opinion from outside of school too! Yes it's a non selective private school that has quite a lot of children with additional needs. Do any of you know if igcses are all 9 - 1 now or are they still letters?

DD did Eduqas GCSE this year and that included a course work speaking assessment.

The grass beneath her feet was damp with rain, and slippery, and the hills rose up on her right, sheer as walls. The trees were bare due to it being the start of winter. Her eyes shot open, and she looked up to see Liam's body on her and Sean standing above, a rock in his hand.

They blocked out most of the light that would have been coming from the moon and the stars which hung in the dark navy sky, though most of the light from them had already been filtered through the thin layer of cloud which lay serenely under them. " His tone shocked her and she jumped back, startled. " She felt something hit her chest, but it felt blunt and heavy, like something landing on her. She was saved, he had saved her, and she allowed herself to slip into unconsciousness as she felt him pick her up.

It is clearly hard for teachers to maintain their own integrity when they believe that there is a widespread loss of integrity elsewhere.

No teacher should be forced to choose between their principles on the one hand and their students, school and career on the other.’ Ofqual’s report contains a damning analysis which shows work marked by teachers was more likely to receive a uniform mark scale score (UMS) needed for a C grade.

In the time they had spent together, he had never raised her voice at her, apart from the day she finished with him, and that had been understandable. "I was not ignoring you Liam, but I will in a minute if you keep acting like this. Waking up in Sean's arms had been come sort of fantasy before, but now things were different.

Everything had now been put into a different perspective, and as she saw police cars mulling about and an ambulance speeding away she realized she still liked him, fancied him even, but wasn't infatuated by the thought of him anymore.

Really worried Aibu to expect my DH to give me half of his winnings?

To not take the DSC out with again to a meal in the near future?


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