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The topic sentence is the most important sentence in the paragraph.It conveys the paragraph’s main idea, and it controls and limits the ideas that can be discussed in that paragraph. They give the reader more facts about the main idea, including examples of the way the main idea works and reasons the reader should believe the claims the writer is making in the paragraph.The problem is that, unlike speaking, students cannot use facial expressions or other gestures to convey meaning to the reader.

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The concluding sentence is similar to the topic sentence in that they are both general sentences.

The concluding sentence can be written in two ways: it can restate the topic sentence in different words or it can summarize the main points in the paragraph.

A paragraph is a basic unit of organization for writing a group of sentences that develops one main idea.

There are three parts to a paragraph: a topic sentence, supporting sentences, and a concluding sentence.

Some people argue that this influence is a threat to national cultures.

Other people believe that Hollywood films, popular songs sung in English, and fast food restaurants represent an emerging “world culture” that is not true American culture.

The concluding paragraph should include: “In the Middle East, especially Syria, where I come from, people believe in some superstitions.

Some of these superstitions are so strong that they are almost customs.

In conclusion, I feel that by observing the cultures of other countries in the coming years, it will be clear as to which side of this argument proves to be true. Introduction Topic Sentence (Main Idea) ___________________________________ ___________________________________ II.

Directions: Before you write your paragraph, you should organize your ideas and write them down in an outline form. Body Support: _____________________________ Support: _____________________________ III. Conclusion Concluding sentence_______________________ The Essay has three parts: General statements (sentences highlighted in green in the sample essay) give the reader background information about the topic of the essay.


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