Essay About Christopher Columbus Being A Hero

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This is where he would meet his wife and have his kids.

While Columbus was in Lisbon he met his wife, Filipa Moniz Perestrelo.

When someone ask me who Christopher Columbus is, I identify him as a man who explored.

He is a hero because he found the Americas for the Old World (consisting of Africa, Europe, and Asia.) This discovery allowed for more trade between the two very different lands.

Columbus's discovery lead to trade, and this allowed people to learn about and see new things for the first time in their lives.

The first Conquest of the Americas was when Columbus took over the land of the Tainos.

He was sailing until 1470, when French privateers attacked his ship and continued north along the Portuguese coast.

The boat sank but Christopher got back to shore on a small plank of wood.

He not only thought that this trip would be possible but ratherly quite easy.

He showed his plan to the Portugal and English officials and it wasn’t until 1491 when he finally got an audience and recognition.


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