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The freedom to differ is of extreme importance in this case, which can be seen as one reviews the reasoning for committing such an act and what it might mean beyond the desecration of a revered national symbol. "Senate Debate on Flag Burning: Senator Feingold (D-WI)." Esquilax Productions: The Flag-Burning Page. The burning of an American flag is not necessarily anti-American or unpatriotic. A child of this generation could debate how good and pure and wonderful this country is and could show you how we have had our liberty and freedom taken away to the point that we really don’t have any.

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Although I am neither nor or against the burning of the flag, I believe the right should not be taken away.

I believe that if a group of people have valid reasons and a valid point to make by obliterating a flag in such a way, they should have the right to do it.

"The Dynamics of Flag-Burning." The Christian Century 106 (1989): 643-44.

Flag Burning History has taught us, sleeps or wakes up this country actually achieved independent over 54 years.

They have a strong sense of patriotism to this country and would die for what it stands for: liberty and freedom.

Essay About Flag Burning

They could compare it to the burning of crosses in front of a church or to the way the Nazis turned a very beautiful symbol into a racial and religious hate badge for murderers. From a young age we are conditioned to blindly respect that flag hanging from a pole and to pledge out allegiance to it without even knowing what it truly is.“Eating is not satisfied, do not sleep soundly, no wet bath.” That is seen as circumstances and situation peoples of Malay in the colonial era. If announced to the public about this story is sure to be stunned, speechless and some who shed tears of sympathy.Imagine imperialist atrocities when they were everywhere on our shoes.The debate over this topic continues, with both sides arguing for "the good of the country." In a 1943 landmark Supreme Court case, Justice Robert H. This concept can be applied in the debate on whether to amend the Constitution to ban flag burning. Jackson wrote, "The freedom to differ is not limited to things that do not matter much" (qtd. When one considers the Constitution and the symbolic meaning of the United States flag, he or she can see that this is one issue that does mean a great deal to the American public. This is probably one of the most emotional actions they can take to get the government's attention. Some of these protestors may even love the flag as much as those who are for banning flag burning, but the burners want to emphasize the seriousness of their complaint. The have fought long and hard for what we have and respect it.Some of our generation doesn’t realize how lucky we have it.Sometimes, the greatness and majesty of the flag is better portrayed in the powerful political and societal statement of destroying it. This act can convey the feeling of the American people that their government is not the body it should be or that it is not doing the will of the people.


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