Essay About Native American Culture

Native American tribes in the United States have been struggling to preserve their vibrant culture for years.

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This will not only equip you for discourse writing, but will give you a different and broader view of things. There are natives whose ancestors first dwelt within the borders and still exist to date even though are rarely spoken about.

So, in a nutshell what exactly should you know about Native American culture?

As a result, the policy of oppression of Native Americans became the core of the US policy in relation to the native population of American until the 20 is the sample of revisionist western which attempts to revise the conventional view on Native Americans and relationships between Native Americans and white Americans.

Stereotyped, biased view of white Americans on Native Americans as a threat to their safety was the major driver of the oppressive policies conducted by white Americans throughout the 19 century, when such oppression became disastrous for the native population of America, which was relocated and those Native Americans, who survived the relocation, were settled in reservations.

Ironically, throughout the history of the development of relations between white Americans and Native Americans, the biased attitude to Native Americans emerged and white Americans had grown accustomed to view them as a threat but, in actuality, Native Americans were rather victims of white Americans, who oppressed Native Americans and forced them from their land causing numerous deaths and destruction of the traditional lifestyle of Native Americans.

At this point, it is possible to refer to the film (1970) which reveals the controversy of policies conducted by the whites as well as threats, which Native Americans exposed white Americans to.

When students research and write about Native American culture, they can understand the role it played in many of the interactions between Native Americans and settlers during the formation and growth of the United States.

Students can also understand the impact Native American culture has had on the United States.

Therefore, unless you study well to know who was born in America, it is difficult to tell between the natives and those who came in later.

However, studying American nativity is one of the most interesting things that a student can do.


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