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(Foucan can also be seen in the film’s trailer, currently available at both Sony and; the film itself is scheduled for release in November 2006).

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Why should one try parkour and why can it be hurtful?

Pros: Perception in parkour leads to progress and later on to success; control of the body’s speed, strength and flexibility.

Parkour is a method of physical training that uses obstacles as improvement of movements, to escape or to run down someone.

Besides, for some people parkour became a lifestyle and philosophy.

Paul experts in sports, medicine, novelties, art, besides Paul is very good in many other directions.

Defined by originator David Belle as “an art to help you pass any obstacle”, the practice of “parkour” or “free running” constitutes both a mode of movement and a new way of interacting with the urban environment.

It serves as a wonderful reminder that in building the kingdom, we should not expect to become identical, but instead bring our uniqueness to our service.

This young missionary is proof that the Lord knows each of us intimately—especially what makes each of us our “best” selves.

Perhaps most important in the rapid development of parkour into a world-wide youth movement, however, has been the proliferation of parkour websites featuring amateur videos, photos, tutorials, and blogs.

The word “parkour” is derived from the French “parcours” (as the sport is known in France): a line, course, circuit, road, way or route, and the verb “parcourir”: to travel through, to run over or through, to traverse.


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