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While some airports began to target passengers based solely on their Middle Eastern origins, others instituted random searches instead.

In writing, a lead-in statement is the opening of an essay or other piece of writing.

This article was co-authored by Stephanie Wong Ken.

Stephanie Wong Ken holds an MFA in Creative Writing from Portland State University.

Far too often, these coaches place too much pressure on young athletes because they adhere to this same philosophy. President Roosevelts strong leadership helped navigate America out of the Great Depression and through World War II.

It is very disturbing to see so many coaches emphasize winning over more important values. Bold and challenging statements are designed to cause some people to disagree with the author.

This statement is part of the introductory paragraph and the first thing the audience reads and is thus meant to keep the reader's attention.

An effective lead-in statement not only captures the reader's attention, but also allows the writer to naturally segue into the topic of the paper.

The Lead is the beginning of the introductory paragraph. Vince Lombardi, former coach of the Green Bay Packers who led his teams to three NFL tiles made this statement as he described his coaching philosophy.

You may have heard this referred to as the attention grabber. This same statement has been overused by so many high school and youth coaches to emphasize the importance of winning. Roosevelt was trying to lead the country out of the Great Depression and wanted the American people to begin to adopt a more positive outlook as he began to take strides to improve the economy of the United States of America.


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