Essay On Blood Relationship

Brother of sister’s husband, wife of brother- in-law are example of tertiary kins.An anthropologists opines that there are at about 151 types of tertiary kins.These relationships are the product of social interaction.

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His social nature compels him to tie with others in some form of relationships.

He always live with his fellow beings and is surrounded by different kinds of people.

It varies from culture to culture, from society to society. The kinship relationship established by marriage is known as affinal kinship.

(2) According to Theodorson and Theodorson, “Kinship system is the customary system of statuses and roles that governs the behavior of people who are related to each other through marriage or descent from a common ancestor.” (3) According to Murdock, “Kinship is a structured system of relationship in which kins are bound to one another by complex inter­locking ties.” (4) According to Smelser, “Kinship is a cluster of social relations based on such factors as biological ties, marriage and legal rules regarding adoption, guardianship and the like.” Thus, from the above it is concluded that the relationships created through marriage or blood ties are called kinship. And the relatives so related are called affinal kins. On the basis of nearness or distance kins may be classified into primary secondary and tertiary kins.

Hence every kinship system has blood relations and close relatives based on intimacy. Kapadia have analyzed the kinship relationships in Indian society. One’s father is one’s primary consanguineous kins whereas one’s wife is one’s primary affinal kins.

Study of Kinship: Sociologists and anthropologists like Lowte, Murdock and Levistrauss have made a detailed study on Kinship. Secondary Kins are defined in relation to our primary kins.

Famous anthropologist Radcliffe Brown and Robin Fox have also examined the kinship system. Primary kins of our primary kins are called secondary kins.

Father’s brother, sister’s husband, brother’s wife are our secondary kins.

An anthropologist opines that there are 33 types of secondary kins.

The secondary kins of our primary kins is known as tertiary kins.


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