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Nowadays people get married and have children after the age of 30. Give your opinion and examples based on your experiences.Here is a band 8 IELTS essay on this topic submitted by one of our students.Then in the modern age, as an outgrowth of the Protestant Reformation and its emphasis on the individual, the ideal of the companionate marriage arose.

Nowadays people get married and have children after the age of 30. Give your opinion and examples based on your experiences.

This extra work has large time, emotional and financial costs.

While decades ago many people believed the benefits of marriage outweighed these costs, the data around the world are clearly showing that more people are viewing the benefits of being married, or even cohabiting, as much smaller than the costs.

A compelling case can be made for the advantages, particularly for college-educated women, of delaying marriage until after the mid-twenties, as Eleanor Barkhorn recently wrote here.

As a math-phobic English professor, I'm not one to wrestle with statistics, but I believe a robust case can be made, alternatively, for young marriage.

There are costs to delaying marriage, a phenomenon that has reached a new threshold, with the average age of marriage for men reaching the historic high of 29 and women 27.

New research from Knot Yet, a project that explores the benefits and costs of delayed marriage in America, points to some of the risks of waiting so long to marry.What’s more, growing cases of infertility is a major threat to our society and our race.In conclusion, though the positive side of marrying late are certainly evident, the negative impacts are more alarming and therefore they cannot be ignored; hence I believe that such developments are negative for the society. Submit it below in the comments for a free band score estimate.While delayed marriage does have economic benefits for college educated women and is credited with bringing down the overall divorce rate, the news isn't all good: Of course, the basis for marriage has changed considerably over the course of history, and the changes in the ages at which people marry merely reflect these shifting foundations.For much of human history, marriage was based on economic expediency, its purpose being political and financial maintenance or gain.It is a fact that nowadays, people are mostly getting married after the age of 30.I believe that the negative impact of this trend is more serious than the positive impact.For instance, it is seen that most of the tensions and internal conflicts in families are due to the monetary crisis, which is the biggest threat to any marriage.Therefore, we want to be financially stable and well established in our careers in order to take up any new relationship to the next level. One of the biggest problems that ladies face after getting married at an advanced age is the risk of infertility.We want to be financially stable and strong enough to properly take charge of the new responsibility.Financial back-up is very much necessary in order to lead a happy married life.


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