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A group portrait of Allied leaders at the Yalta Conference, which was held at the Livadia Palace in Livadiya, Soviet Union (later Ukraine), in February 1945.From left: British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, US President Franklin D. The conference was called to discuss Europe's postwar reorganization in the years to come.

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Other scholars associate it with the fall of communism and the disintegration of the Soviet Union and of Communism in 1991.

On the contrary, by reviewing literature from various scholars and by looking at important actions of observers and key international actors at the time, the Cold War basically ended during the spring of 1989, even before the above momentous events occurred.

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The end of the Cold War is characteristically associated with the fall of the Soviet empire in the late 1989 in East Europe.

The treaty was signed in response to West Germany joining NATO the same year.

Malyshka, a Soviet space dog (left), poses with a snug-fitting space suit while training for space flight.A C-47 cargo plane (right) flies over locals standing amid ruins on its approach to Tempelhof Airport, where it was taking food and other relief supplies.A waitress (left) puts up a sign outside her restaurant inviting everyone to enjoy "free borsht" in celebration of Stalin's death.Introduction and Overview The menace of the Soviet Union seemed to end with the policies Gorbachev-such similar processes had earlier taken place in Yugoslavia and China.At this point, Western leaders and analysts began to signal that the conflict had ended.This indicates that the Cold War was had nothing to do with the military, nuclear weapons, or economic balance between the West and the East, nor other factors but it was about ideological conflict.The Cold War ideally ended in early 1989, but it is imperative to note that, the Cold War was not necessarily shut down or there was no possibility of resurgence after that date.As a matter of fact, in 1991 there was an attempted coup against Gorbachev by a group of communists, if they had succeeded in their fifteen or so minutes of fame, they seemed to show that, in as much as they wanted to undo some of Gorbachev’s domestic policies and to impose tougher regulations about the imminent crumble of the Soviet Union, they did had no intention of amending, the basic changes that had been made by Gorbachev to the Cold War situation.However, it is possible that they would have done so eventually (Grachev, 2008).In New York (right), Commissioner George Monaghan, Mayor Vincent Impellitteri, and a number of other city officials look over the media's coverage of Stalin's death, while attending a boxing match at Madison Square Garden.The Soviet delegation arrives at Warsaw Airport on May 13, 1955, to attend the Communist Bloc Conclave, which brought together eight Eastern European countries prior to the signing of the Warsaw Pact on May 14.


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