Essay On I Want To Become A Dancer

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It was some combination of self-improvement and self-punishment.

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I ordered an Amaretto Sour—I hated them, but it was part of the character, and it ensured I never had too much to drink. I twisted until I got a stitch in my side, at which point I switched to the Pony, the Frug, the Swim, the Watusi. Then, blessedly, two of the larger party took the floor.

I tried to project a combination of confidence and deep preoccupation with my own interesting thoughts. Then, when I couldn’t think of any more dances, I just did the Twist again. When the song ended—after what felt like at least eight minutes—I sauntered off the dance floor and into the grimy single-stall bathroom.

It’s an exciting and highly competitive field to work in.

If you’re creative and good with people this could be the career for you.

The bartender (who was wearing a T-shirt that said on it) ignored me. Once the door was locked, I huddled on the toilet, head in my hands, shaking and breathless. “I just wanted to say,” she said, “when you were out there, doing the Twist?

I’d been there half an hour and was thinking of leaving and doing something else unpleasant—like going to Benihana—when some other people arrived. Another began, a song I now know was “The Beginning of the Heartbreak,” because I looked it up later. I sat like that for a minute, and then someone gave an exploratory knock on the door so I ran the tap as if I hadn’t just been sitting there freaking out, and squared my shoulders, and left. We were like, that’s the coolest girl we’ve ever seen.” I smiled warmly and winked and quickly settled my tab and hurried out before someone blew my cover.

The most relevant vocational course would be a BTEC Diploma in Performing Arts.

You may be self-employed or freelance, or you may be attached to a specific dance company.

Dancers use movement, usually to the accompaniment of music, to express emotions and tell stories.

There are a variety of different types of dance you can specialise in from ballroom to ballet.


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