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Cassius wrote letters to Brutus in different handwriting Caesar had many enemies who betrayed him.Casca, Trebonius, Ligarius, Metellus Cimber, Decius Brutus, and Cinna all conspired against Julius Caesar.

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He is the only major character in the play intensely committed to fashioning his behavior to fit a strict moral and ethical code “Then fall, Caesar” Caesar utters after his famous line “"”, and you, Brutus?

Suggesting that Caesar did not want to survive such treachery, therefore becoming a hero.

is a play about loyalty and betrayal the characters act loyal by assassinating their leader .

Brutus and Cassius, truly believe if Caesar were to become the King he was acting like, it would mean the end of the Republican system of government in Rome. The Senators, who assassinated him truly believe they would no longer be equal free men.

They betrayed Julius Caesar, but they were loyal to Rome.

In Act 1of Julius Caesar, Cassius and Brutus discuss Caesar. Cassius was a Roman Senator and a leading instigator in the plot to kill Julius Caesar.

Brutus decided to work against Julius Caesar after he believed Caesar wanted to be king. Brutus after killing Caesar says, (3.2.2) Brutus is visited by the ghost of Caesar.

"I shall see thee at Philippi," the spirit warns him, but Brutus' courage is unshaken and he goes on.

/ He's a noble Roman and well given." Cassius chose to remain after killing Julius Caesar, making it clear that he committed this act for Rome and not for his own purposes.

Cassius manipulates Brutus into believing that Caesar intends to turn Republican Rome into a monarchy under his rule.


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