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Some characters are considered sinful because of their greed and selfishness.Other characters are considered sinful because they are lustful, or cheat and steal from other people.The tales also vary, illustrating popular medieval genres: romance, fable, saint’s life, fabliau (a coarse, comic tale), exemplum (a story designed to illustrate the theme of a sermon).

Some characters are considered sinful because of their greed and selfishness.

He judges each person by his own standards of moral behavior.

Chaucer also seems to keep in mind that he is human himself, and therefore, by that reason alone, he cannot condemn any of his characters' behavior.

Although Chaucer seems to favor certain characters over others, he does not condemn any character for their disposition.

Each one of his colorful counterparts is described in a mindful, yet unbiased way.

Besides, the narrator used many words to describe the good table manner the prioress did which emphasize her image of caring about superficial things.

Furthermore, the narrator said her greatest pleasure was in etiquette by which she wanted to earn esteem by others. The habits or clothes of a nun should be totally greyish-white and they should wear un-dyed wool to proclaim their poverty.Several modern translations of the poem are available, but to master Chaucer’s Middle English repays the effort.Many editions and introductions summarize handily his spelling, pronunciation, and grammar. The Knight averts a brawl between the Host and the fragmentary and unfinished, but Chaucer carefully concludes with the tale (actually sermon) of the good Parson, who reminds them all that they are on a pilgrimage not merely to Canterbury but to heaven.At the same time, Chaucer does not commend iniquity.He understands the difference between what is just and immoral.The Wife of Bath, on the lookout for a sixth husband, tells a tale cunningly contrived to prove that the main ingredient of domestic happiness is rule by the wife.The Miller, somehow drunk early on the first day, tells of a carpenter deceived and made the laughing stock of his neighborhood by his wife and her lover.Chaucer's Description of Good and Evil In the General Prologue of The Canterbury Tales, Geoffrey Chaucer introduces an assortment of characters that embark on a holy pilgrimage.These people represent a wide spectrum, from the evil and inauspicious, to the good and virtuous.


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