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So there are actually four chambers (spaces) inside the heart.

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Blood can flow from the atria down into the ventricles because there are openings in the walls that separate them.

These openings are called valves because they open in one direction like trapdoors to let the blood pass through.

Another wall separates the rounded top part of the heart from the cone-shaped bottom part.

You can feel the thumps if you press there with your hand. If you looked inside your heart, you would see that a wall of muscle divides it down the middle, into a left half and a right half. The septum is solid so that blood cannot flow back and forth between the left and right halves of the heart.

The Circulation of Blood * picture of the heart and its parts * picture of the body and some of its organs The center of the circulatory system is the heart, which is the main pumping mechanism. The heart is shaped something like a cone, with a pointed bottom and a round top. An adult’s heart is about the size of a large orange and weighs a little less than a pound. The heart is tipped somewhat so that there is a little more of it on the left side than on the right.

It is held in place by the blood vessels that carry the blood to and from its chambers.

Then they close, so the blood cannot flow backwards into the atria.

With this system, blood always flows in only one direction inside the heart.

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