Essay On The Poem Digging By Seamus Heaney

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This parallel allows two universes to coexist within the poem’s unfolding revelations; the secret, abstract workings of the poet’s mind are seen in terms of the physical activity where sharp cutting work contrasts with the soft liquid movements of earth.

It is one of Heaney’s earliest poems, written when he first began to "dabble in verse" as he says4.

However, as an opening poem to his collection, and to our talk, its heavy explicitness serves to declare the essential "earthiness" of his art.

As he tells us "it is interesting as an example of what we call It has been said of course that poets are born, not made.

for the title because it gestures towards the testings and hesitations of the workshop, the approaches towards utterance, the discovery of lines and then the intuitive extension of the vital element in those lines over a whole passage"1.

Through Heaney’s definition the word "makings" here evolves into an extensive development of meaning, and emphasizes the tentative, exploratory quality, the vital almost organic energy at the root of the individual poetic voice.We have only to turn to the opening pages of Heaney’s collection of essays, to read: ’To this day, green, wet corners, flooded wastes, soft rushy bottoms, any place with the invitation of watery ground and tundra vegetation, even glimpsed from a car or a train, possess an immediate and deeply peaceful attraction.It is as if I am betrothed to them, and I believe my betrothal happened one summer evening, thirty years ago, when another boy and myself stripped to the white country skin and bathed in a moss-hole, treading the river thick mud, unsettling a smoky muck off the bottom and coming out smeared and weedy and darkened. and this shows that the poet is literally elevated in his position, and the reader gets the sense that the poet feels somehow superior to manual work and isn? s skills intensively, and throughout the poem (stanza 4-7), the poet introduces the theme of time where the reader is provided with a flashback of the poet? are sharp words used as a metaphor to explain the instant where the poet cuts his ties with his family? farming skills and that he can carry his love for the earth through his writing. Introduction Poetry commentary Digging, by Seamus Heaney Digging, by Seamus Heaney is a poem about a young man who gets criticised for choosing a line of work, which is not necessarily ordinary or traditional to his family, and who finally decides that his idea of real work is writing, not physical labour. s father presumably learnt his gardening and farming skills. Conclusion In the second last stanza the difficulties the poet? The poet reminisces about the men in his family and his memories of how hard they worked and passed down their skills from generation to generation. Wordsworth’s emphasis on childhood solitude enhances the legendary necessity of a certain kind of environment for this sensibility to be able to evolve, he says "the child is father of the man".There is an original inner force or drive guiding and feeding the poetic vision from an early age. The poet realizes that his skill with a pen is similar to that of his father and grandfathers? , gives the reader a realization that the poet has made up his mind and chosen to follow the path he wants to take. the poet will dig down for the good skills and ideas that make his poetry a true work of art.


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