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If you could also back up those claims with numbers — pounds of fish, say, or higher incomes, you’d be much more likely to win her over.

For specific questions related to visuals, please contact Todd Reubold. Have you ever paid more to buy something labeled “organic” because you thought it was the right thing to do for nature?

Looked for a “recycled” or Forest Stewardship Council label on a paper product? If so, you know what it’s like to express your appreciation and support for nature in monetary terms.

I’d like to share with you what I think about when I go to work every day to promote the natural capital approach to protecting nature. Natural capital is about headwaters, springs, sources, mothers, fathers, children, ancestors, descendants, generations, caretaking, heritage, gifts, trusts and endowments. The goal of the natural capital concept is to give voice to things that are otherwise silent and invisible.

Natural capital thinking seeks to shine a light on the benefits nature provides to people and use that understanding to guide decisions that affect Earth’s lands, waters and biodiversity.

It’s a beautiful idea, but it’s also vague — and intuition is wobbly ground on which to base business and public land-use decisions.

Using science and data, in addition to personal values, to justify decisions is part of a fair, transparent democratic process.

By revealing and communicating the specifics of what nature is doing for us, we hope to make it easier for nature to become a primary consideration in all decisions. Natural capital assessments occasionally involve monetary valuation.

In some cases, valuing benefits from nature in monetary terms can help us connect to people outside the conservation choir, but natural capital assessments are more typically about showing relative values and unveiling hidden trade-offs. Many people still think of them as swamplands that should be drained for development.

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