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Where possible, there should be stipends and scholarships to compensate families for the loss of girls' household labour.Also, school hours should be flexible so children can help at home and still attend classes. Schools close to home, with women teachers -- Many parents worry about girls travelling long distances on their own.

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The right for women to be educated has been long sought after.

The history of women education started the beginning of feminism.

Education has been the hurdle keeping women from gaining equality in society, by separating them from their male counterparts.

Women who sought higher education were considered, heathens and the most disgusting beings that would perish.

Many parents also prefer to have daughters taught by women. Preparation for school -- Girls do best when they receive early childhood care, which enhances their self-esteem and prepares them for school. Relevant curricula -- Learning materials should be relevant to the girl's background and be in the local language.

They should also avoid reproducing gender stereotypes.On average, for every year a girl stays in school past fifth grade, her marriage is delayed a year.Educated girls typically marry later, when they are better able to bear and care for their children. DECREASE POPULATION EXPLOSION: Educated women tend to have fewer (and healthier) babies.For every boy that is educated, every girl should be educated too.WHAT WOULD IT TAKE TO IMPROVE GIRLS' ACCESS TO EDUCATION?A 2000 study in Brazil found that literate women had an average of 2.5 children while illiterate women had an average of six children, according to UNESCO. INCREASE INVOLVEMENT IN POLITICAL PROCESS: Educated women are more likely to participate in political discussions, meetings, and decision-making, which in turn promotes a more representative, effective government. DECREASE DOMESTIC & SEXUAL VIOLENCE: Educated girls and women are less likely to be victims of domestic and sexual violence or to tolerate it in their families. DECREASE SUPPORT FOR MILITANCY: As women become more educated, they are less likely to support militancy and terrorism than similarly educated men. IMPROVE SOCIOECONOMIC GROWTH: Educated women have a greater chance of escaping poverty, leading healthier and more productive lives, and raising the standard of living for their children, families, and communities.These and many more are some of the valuable reasons why we should all support education for girls.Without education to empower them, women were stripped of their dignity and rights by their husbands and other men of the community. The struggle for women higher education is a battle that still has not reached its citadel. Retrieved February 21, 2012 from Horany. According to UNICEF, experience in scores of countries shows the importance, among other things, of: 1.Parental and community involvement -- Families and communities must be important partners with schools in developing curriculum and managing children's education. Low-cost and flexible timetables -- Basic education should be free or cost very little.


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