Essay Patriarchy Violence

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I will respect your right to believe what you choose, but if you use your belief systems to spread the aforementioned ills or other oppressions, then I will be compelled to wage an art and literature war against it.

The Black Youth Project is a platform that highlights the voices and ideas of Black millennials.

On this understanding, it is not a reach to assert that whiteness does indeed form the essence of patriarchy.

The term “man”, as it pertains to young males, only implies the assuming of such authority over women (and the bodies of people seen as lesser through the prism of whiteness).

From such a description, mothers are often the first victims of toxic masculinity; an issue which is further complicated by absent, if not equally patriarchal and misogynistic, fathers.

This deliberate attempt to create hegemony based on gender had an impact on the formation of masculinity within African culture and produced lasting effects.

The influence of which can be ascertained by reading reports of sexual abuse: South Africa is affectionately known as one of the While patriarchy, sexism, misogyny, misogynoir, homophobia, and transantagonism were not “formed” through mere laws and doctrines, they have certainly been sustained and exacerbated by them all the more.

I believe words exist to strengthen beliefs and are subject to abuse, as history suggests.

They include violence, the lack or suppression of fundamental rights, under-representation in politics, poverty, economic marginalization and the threat posed by anti-feminist movements.

Further than those alarming threats to gender equality, we also made clear why the CADTM identifies with the feminist struggle in its mission to fight all kinds of dominations.


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